Durban Poison ZA™ (Official) 'Mandated by President Nelson Mandela'

Durban Poison ZA™ (Members of DPGZA™)

Members of DPGZA™ Cultivate under strict regulations. All seeds are packaged by hand & allocated to registered cultivars responsible for 2-4 hectare lots within the most famous and secure cannabis estate on Earth! Durban Poison Estate™ or Durban Estates™ 

 The employee's are strip-searched without warning!

Quality testing is managed by Durban Poison Lab™ R&D by DP. Biotech™

  Durban, is the capital of KZN. 'KwaZulu' Natal, South Africa. 

CBDChem™ and Cansacure™ are Durban Poison ZA™ Group Brands.

Only registered cultivars can use this Logo; thus giving global consumers 100% guarantees that their products has been cultivated using our strain with strict operating structures in place.

 Trust that if broken will lead to criminal and civil legal actions & even found to be not guilty the individual & or entity may not cultivate or involve themselves in the cannabis industry for no less than 10 years. T&C Apply.   

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